Mercia Real Estate understands the huge impact that the property sector has upon local communities and environments.

We appreciate that real estate is a significant net contributor to carbon emissions and that how we operate as a business has a material affect on every aspect of our planet. These causes and affects are magnified at the value end of the real estate market in which we operate.

In 2021 we decided that as a a business we would assess and mitigate the impact of our investments. As part of MRE’s social responsibility, we are committed to:

Ecosystem Sustainability

Planting trees and building wildlife habitats on our sites wherever possible, offsetting our carbon emission output and simultaneously contributing to ecosystem/biodiversity preservation.

Green Power

Inserting green power into our assets. We only procure energy from wind farms and sun parks in the UK.

Supporting local charities

It is hard to be a property company without recognising the issue of homelessness in our community. We are committed to supporting those in need with hot meals, accommodation and any further support needed to secure a better future.