Plans Go In For Redevelopment of Chamber of Commerce Building
10 November 2022
Posted in Company News by Laura Tatton
Mercia Real Estate Submit Planning Application for the Redevelopment of the Birmingham Chamber of Commerce Building

Mercia Real Estate (MRE) has submitted a planning application for the redevelopment of the Birmingham Chamber of Commerce Buidling situated on Harbourne Road and Highfield Road, Edgbaston.

Planning is for the refurbishment of the existing building and construction of two residential tower blocks, 1x 4 storey and 1 x 9 storey along with the provision of a new public realm.  The proposed works to the Chamber of Commerce include façade clean/repairs and enhancement of glazing to all sections of the existing building. The glazing will be replaced with contemporary versions to improve the thermal performance of the building, whilst matching the style of the existing.

The proposed residential tower will provide 93 new apartments at a mix of 1 Bed and 2 Bed apartments. Ground floor will house co-living/ co-working space. The building will be set onto a plinth, similar to Neville House, allowing additional space which will be utilised for a commercial Gym.  The upper floors (1 -10) provide 9 apartments per floor

The proposed 4-5 storey residential block will provide 38 new apartments at a mix of 1 Bed and 2 Bed apartments. The ground floor houses amenity spaces and co-living/ co- working space which is orientated towards the new square. A typical floor will have 10 apartments consistingof 5x1Bed,5x2Bed. The top floor will provide 4 penthouse apartments.

Parking is suggested under ground to facilitate new vibrant public realm between the proposal and the Chamber podium.

Samuel Clark, CEO of Mercia Real Estate said “We are excited to be in planning stages for this development project. The proposal seeks to both faithfully restore the fundamental elements of the Chamber of Commerce building whilst introducing proposals that seek to incorporate new vibrancy and uses for the benefit of both the buildings legacy and that of the surrounding area”.

Sam added “Consideration has been given to the current and potential future linkages around the site with a view to improving the connectivity of The Chamber of Commerce (COC) and the new transport infrastructure works associated with the metro extension.  Our approach focuses around the retention and improvement of current access points to the COC site and forethought to enabling future pedestrian linkages from the Hagley Road Metro Stop to COC, improving future connectivity to the wider city and beyond”.

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